Class Reflection: Improving Leadership Skills

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This class has been quite essential in furthering my goals as well as improving my leadership skills. Such as I have become a better listener, a better adviser, a good communicator and vastly improved my people skills. These are all skill that are essential for any leadership position. Conversations are to way interactions, and a decent leader knows that. I think there is always something even a leader can learn by listening to his or her coworkers. In leadership, it is important for leaders to not just wait for their time to participate in a discussion but to truly take in what others are stating. For example, by listening to a grievance from a colleague, a leader might get some understanding on a broad issue that plagues the group, and …show more content…
I have learned that, Work will be work, and that implies for the most part don’t expect it to be fun. Getting the motivation up can be troublesome at time, and this happens to be a specialty great leaders possess. By just being a positive presence is an awesome starting point. If coworkers enjoy your presence, they will probably like to work with you.
In leadership, it is important for a leader to be able to recognize some pressing issues that can deplete the motivation of employees. It could involve personal problems work difficulties. To be an effective leader it’s important to always make yourself even if employees just want to confine to. The absence of motivations originates from individuals feeling that their work is not acknowledged. It is anything but difficult this to happen, particularly when working in a big group. In leadership, it is important for the leader to set asid a minute or two to thank in person everyone around them. This I believe make subordinates feel like they are an essential part of the work
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It is still imperative that I consider suggestions from others wither junior or senior employees whenever possible. The logic behind this is that, there will never be a period where there isn 't space for more skill. By listening, observing, make inquiries and truly pay attention to everyone around me. They may not not have positions of leadership, but I think that doesnt disqualify or mean they lack necessary expertise
Despite me still being a student and not working in any firm, I think a lot of what I have learned from this course is applicable in my student life. For instance, Student leaders have numerous commitments to meet while keeping up a full course load and tending to other personal duties. It will take some inventive and critical thinking to complete everything and keep life in a

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