Essay about Human Resources Management Role

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Human Resources Management in Health Care

Human Resources Management in Health Care
Human resource departments oversee everything and have their hands in everything that is vitally essential to a business. The key to any successful human resource manager is the ability to employ successful human resource strategies and tactics. Human resource strategies are regarded as most important, as it refers to an organization’s use of their human resources as an approach to effectively use its people efficiently to accomplish their goal; human resource tactics are policies used to further an organization’s strategic goal (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, Chapter 1: Meeting Present and Emerging Strategic Human Resource Challenges, 2010).
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It was thought to be an administrative role and a “take it or leave it” approach was used. Human resource managers in health care today have turned that outlook around for the better in a joint effort that has been made between the managers and the clinic or doctors they are managing. In order for health care human resources to elevate their status, it took health care professionals acknowledging and accepting the contribution that human resource management brought to the medical business, which had been generally regarded as purely administrative, and irrelevant (McHugh, Johnston, & McClelland, 2007). Much like any other industry, it takes working as a team to enhance business in medicine. As health care professionals continue to work alongside health care human resource managers, business is run more efficiently, and co-operatively, the two parties can elevate health care to the next level.
The position of human resources in general has fought to achieve its rightful place amongst the essential elements in health care. Through continued evolution of management strategies and business tactics, human resource managers fight to progress support for physicians and other health care professionals. The ability to step outside of the box and make innovative changes helps these managers in that journey. It is by doing this that human

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