Human Resources Management : Human Resource Management Essay

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3.3- Human Resources Management

Define human resource management in your own words. Human resource management involves your employees and their performance. It is anything dealing with recruiting, hiring, evaluating, and firing. It is an important part to any business and helps them stay organized. Employees are a major part to any business, so having a human resource manager can keep your employees under control. Human resources overall keep your business organized and allow you to hire, pay, and evaluate your employees and reward them for doing well.

2. How does a salary differ from wages? Salaries and wages may sometimes get confused but are easy to determine. A salary is a fixed amount of money paid to an employee regardless of the number of hours worked. A wage is a payment for working made on an hourly, daily, or per-unit basis. An example of a salary could be making $50,000 per year no matter how much you worked. An example of a wage could be making $8.00 per hour. Overall, salaries and wages both deal with money, but have different meanings when comes down to the owner paying the employees.

3. What employee benefits would be important to you? Why? All benefits are important to employees. However, I think the insurance benefits would be the most important to me. Insurance benefits include things like health, life, dental and disability insurance. Although employees may have to pay for part of the cost, they are very helpful and an essential thing for everyone…

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