Human Resources Application Paper

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Human Resource Systems Final Paper
Rodolfo A. Pinero
20 August 2013

Human Resource Management Application Paper
Reflecting upon my 33 years of military experience in the field of Naval Administration and Legal I have found a great similarity in the field of Human Resources and Management. This particular course in the Human Resource Systems has expanded my knowledge in understanding the different human resource tools that are available and similar to the ones used in the military. However, this course has explained the different methods that can be used to improve and understand the different tools available within the Human Resource field of expertise.
The first topic of interest during the course is the performance
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Goal setting can improve performance because an individual is focused in a set objective to obtain. Goals direct attention to the specific performance tasks and motivate employees to accomplish higher levels of performance. Clear precise and challenging goals clarifies precisely what is expected of an employee and leads to higher levels of performance (Cascio, p.333). Goals should have action verbs and be measurable to ensure there is always room for improvement. A regular assessment of progress toward goals is a very important procedural strategy that focuses the attention and efforts of an employee or a team. The performance encouragement system of providing a sufficient number of rewards that employees really value, in a timely fashion, and in a fair manner are so important in motivating employees to work at their best potential (Cascio, p.334). The Elements of a performance management system of defining performance by setting objectives, encouraging performance by providing timely rewards that are valued by employees and facilitate performance by providing resources are important in an effective management system. Increasing employee buy-in toward their performance appraisals system is an effective method learned that will improve employee perception of fairness and will increase overall employee satisfaction. Appraisal fairness, satisfaction, supervisory support, satisfaction

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