Human Resource Management Summary

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Understanding the Chapter: What Do I know?
1. What are the human resource management and its purpose, and what are the three concepts important to it?
A.-Human resource management involves the activities managers do to plan for, attract, develop, and retain an effective workforce. Its purpose is to get an optimal work performance in order to help achieve company’s mission and vision. In order to realize this purpose, human resource management uses three important concepts: human capital, knowledge workers, and social capital.
Human capital is the economic or productive potential of employee knowledge, experience, and actions. A knowledge worker adds value to the company because is someone whose occupations is principally concerned with generating
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As the training process, development uses the two types of training: an on-the-job and off-the-job. However, they differ in the activities they do during each. When employees are doing training they are learning facts, so they do lectures or workbook activities; while by doing development there are learning skills, which led to activities as role-playing or practice work better.
8. What are the four areas of human resource law a manager needs to be aware of?
A.- The four areas of human resource law where manager needs to be aware of are: labor relation (protects employee welfare), compensation and benefits (protects wages, insurance, or retirement), health and safety (defends health of employees caused by the business environment), and equal employment opportunity (equality among races and sex).
9. Explain the concepts of discrimination, affirmative actions, sexual harassment, and bullying?
A.- Workplace discrimination, affirmative actions, sexual harassment, and bullying are some types of aggression companies need to deal with during its
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Its main objective is to have all personnel happy and constantly learning. For this reason, Google creates an incredible environment according to the lecture. Employees have benefits for maternity (in women cases), engagement in activities and a good salary, which make employees work efficiently and effectively.
3. How would you describe Google’s approach toward training its employees?
A.- Google doesn’t follow tradition when it comes to training. It seems to be a mixed training because it has on-the-job and off-the-job training. In general, Google’s tries to promote employees to learn without telling them to do it.
In the off-the-job area, Google offers “Googler to Googler”, quarterly classes, etc. “Googler to Googler” consists of an employee explaining to another different aspect of the company. And, the quarterly classes are related to sales, execution, and planning,
In the in-the-job are, Google has “Product Spotlight”, online games, etc. The “Product Spotlight” is a dial-in conference that runs as a talk show and employees need to answers questions via chat.
In general, Google’s try to make the training process interactive so employees are encouraged to take it and learn concepts, procedures, and methods of different

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