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The Human Resources Department is a very important role in an organization. This department is responsible for a variety of key qualities such as recruitment, payroll and benefits, performance management, and policies and procedures just to name a few. The role of the human resources department is to manage personal policies and managerial practices and systems that influence the workplace(Bernardin & Russell, 2013).

Human Resources Departments looks into recruitment, staffing, performance appraisals, and compensations. These professionals should be knowledgeable and current on growing the business through training and development. Also, HR officials are among the first line of contact for many organizations. The Human Resources Department relates to the support function, as it deals with the employees, who are the generators
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J., & Russell, J. E. (2013). Human resource management: An experiential approach (6th ed.). New York, NY, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

Măgdoiu, L. D., Rada, I. C., Păcălă, A., & Abrudan Caciora, S. V. (2010). The Activity of Human Resources Departments and its Importance in Situations of Crisis. Journal Of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, 3(2), 127-130.

Human Resources Practitioners are very vital to the organization. However, they are not the only individuals that are responsible for Human Resources in an organization. First, the entire working body is responsible for the organization. Any time one individual does poorly in a company it reflects on the entire organization.

Human Resource Management necessitates establishing a perfect mechanism for planning, organizing, leading and managing each member of the organization from top to bottom(Mazi, 2015). In addition, no matter what business is being managed, people will often reflect on that one person that created a bad impression. Therefore, HR responsibility falls on all employees so that partnerships can be created and lawsuits can be a thing of the

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