Human Resource Management And Personal Management Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Managing them well can improve the performance and efficiency of organization. In this report human resource management is discussed. It also includes the recruitment and selection method and performance management.

Task 1
1.1 Human Resource Management and Personal Management
It is true that human resource management has been developed form personnel management.
According to Storey (1995) cited by Pinnington A. et. al.(2007), HRM in more specific sense is involves line and top management in pursuing the belief that a committed and capable force will give the organization a competitive
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They are not considered as machines or tools to accomplish the tasks of organization. Human resource management do the functions same as personnel management but in a different way. Human resource management it explained in the wider scale than personnel management. Enableing employees to give their maximum to organization are the main goal of human resource management. It develops the employees to achieve this goal. Along with performing administrative tasks its functions also includes developing strategies to manage the human resource of organization. It keeps developing the policies and functions for workforce. It is not static function. Human resource department is the essential part of organization. Almost every manager is involved in the human resource activities in one or other form. It is not independent function like personnel department. Coming to employee motivation, human resource department motivates employees with making them to work in teams, encouraging them to met challenges. It let them to use their own creativity in working …show more content…
Employees are very important for organisation and planning to manage them is equally important. It is about gathering information and data about the employees. In this important decisions are taken about employees. HR planning enables organisation to make best use of employees and utilize their talent and abilities fully. HR planning helps employees along with organisation as it helps them in their career planning and moving up in their career. This leads to motivate employees and makes their performance better it helps in developing the strategies related to the employees. If HR planning goes wrong, organisation could suffer a lot of financial losses and other losses.
The second reason for which human resource planning is important because it helps in utilizing this resource fully. If the planning is done demand in the future could be forecasted, hence reducing the wastage. To meet the objectives of organization, this panning is done. If strategy has to be implemented at root level it has to be implemented to the people of organization. Thus to implement the strategy, planning has to be done before the actual implementation to make it

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