Essay on Human Resource Management And Organizational Behavior

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Strategic human resource management is closely linked to influencing organizational behaviour and proper management will automatically have a major impact on the organization’s performance. Company’s employees, staff and professionals are considered as being the biggest asset to many organizations and winning their full commitment is vital to achieve success (Truss, et al., 2012). A business is never a one man show and each business depends on a group of dedicated individuals to make the business work smoothly. The increasing number of organizations is also creating more demand for skilled professional thus resulting in professionals expecting more recognition and better facilities. Virgin Group has been identified as a leading organization practicing human resource management that promoted oval organizational behaviour resulting in some impressive growth and employee dedication.
Beneficial Factors linked to HRM on Organization Behaviour
Human resource management has grown to become an important part of every business and it’s critical for every modern business to turn to modern HRM practices to improve organizational behaviour. Human resource management is a major influencing factor towards positive organizational behaviour and a direct contributor to improving an organization’s performance (Sims, 2007). Human resource management also helps improve organization behaviour and performance in the following ways.
Hiring and Training the Correct Workforce
The first…

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