Essay about Human Resource Is A Management Team

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Human Resource is a management team within a company that takes care of attracting, developing, and retaining employees who can perform certain tasks in a job. The first step a human resource manager has to make planning how many employees need to be hired and the skills they will need. The second step would be hiring new people. Human resource managers hire people based off of the interview process. The interview process looks at skills a person may have education and intelligence, and previous jobs. After a person is hired they have to go through training. Training helps improve skills that prepare the employee for the job. It can also help an employee stay at the job long term. Human resource managers also take care of how much money an employee gets pain including vacation, retirement plans, health care insurance, childcare, or tuition costs. The last thing a human resource manager has to do is deal with the loss of an employee. An employee can lose their job from their bad performance or their bad behavior. Sometimes losing an employee is a bad thing. The company can suffer majorly if they don’t have enough employees. Human resource managers can also get rid of an employee because the company is downsizing. Downsizing helps eliminate some costs and helps organize the company. Being a human resource manager is a big job to handle but in my opinion it’s the most important. Employee motivation is another key to business success. If an employee is not motivated to do…

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