Human Population : Modern Humans Essay

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Despite the increasing size of the human population, modern humans are even more inclined to try to keep in touch with others, and forge relationships that would be impossible in previous eras. Because of this, social networking sites and applications have been on the rise as people strive to maintain relationships with those close to them. It comes as no surprise then that Snapchat has been one such application that has seen tremendous success in attracting consumers. Snapchat allows people to send pictures to each to each other that can have captions, and after a certain period of time, the pictures vanish from the receiver’s phone. The application was the brainchild of developer Evan Spiegel, an idea originally thought to be terrible by colleagues. Today, this rapidly growing photo-sharing application is typically used around 30 million times a day by its users. (Colao, 2012) How has this app been so successful, you may ask? Despite the potential for security breaches, non-consensual government searches, and illegal distribution of photos that are supposedly deleted, people still use this application because it provides something most social networking sites fail at: providing a place where people can get rid of the “massive burden of managing a digital version of themselves.” (Colao, 2012) As is common with many mobile applications, Snapchat arose from humble beginnings. Originally named Picaboo, the app was developed by a man by the name of Bobby Murphy for two eager…

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