Human Elements In Accidents

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holidays. In U.S.A half of fatal accidents occurred on weekends and fatal accidents on Saturdays than any other day of the week. There is a significant increase of accidents around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independence Day and Labor Day (N.H.T.S.A, 1986).

Human Factors
This role of human elements in traffic accidents on roads is very vital in analyzing the underlying factors of accidents. Investigations in the USA, the UK, and other countries have identified that human elements are a major cause of accidents (Wright and Baker 1976). Human factors contributed to nearly 95% of accidents and the single contributor in 65% Sabey and Slayghton (1975). The elements that play the largest part in accidents were a lack of skill, errors of perception, and errors in executing plans and impairment (Jacobs and Sayer, 1983). In a small scale study in five developing nations, the police highlighted the high occurrence of road user errors (Jacobs, Downing and Sayer 1976, 1981).

The other factors that relate to the subject are demographic characteristics, knowledge of psychological factors and behavior. This factor varies in terms of traffic accidents from
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stress or inattention. The stress factors include family issues, work problems, congestion and so on, stress raises the heart rate, blood press, and endorphin levels. With the passage of time driving became more stressful in two ways. One is the greater mental load, drivers have to concentrate hard and the other is aggression, power and raising frustration, this adds to modern problems (Faith, 1997). Among the majority of factors, which are significantly associated with the road accidents among the surveyed Saudi drivers were “human factors”, leading to loss of control on vehicles. These can be classified into three

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