Human Disease Ecology Case Study

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Forest Grove in Saskatoon is an area that has not had much focus on their community’s personal and local health. I have been living here since September and I get the impression that people keep to themselves more than necessary since we do not have any substantial community centers or local community events to bring people together. This atmosphere may affect a person’s personal health because of the potential for people to be isolated in their own homes, not feeling welcomed by their neighbours.
In order to design a study to find out about this community’s personal and local health I would focus on qualitative methods. I might include some quantitative measurements, like mean and median ages, socioeconomic status, percent of population
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The human disease ecology model outlines how human behaviours and populations within specific environments may contribute to the spread of disease. Since cholera is spread through waterways after expelling from the human body into these waterways through fecal matter, the behaviour for humans to not treat their water sources can then lead to the spread of disease, since humans cannot survive without water. Cholera can also be spread through the direct handling of human fecal matter. Preventative medicines can help decrease incidences of infection, but in highly dense populations the disease has the ability to mutate and develop strains of cholera that are resistant to medical intervention. All things considered, one can expect the human disease ecology model for cholera to look something like the diagram on the next …show more content…
It best highlights preventative steps to maintain a persons health. I think this is important because any illness or injury that can be prevented can also aide in the prevention of mental and social challenges that tag along with those physical damages. Overall, a person should be better off maintaining the health they have than expecting to be able to handle adversity as it comes no matter what chronic behaviour may have caused

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