Human Beings Are Social Beings Essay examples

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Human beings are social beings. We engage in various discussions and dialogue every day. As a result we have to train and learn on how to communicate effectively with different personalities and in different environments. In the communication process, listening is a key part of the process. Without proper listening, there will be communication breakdown. This may result to frustration of the speaker and even result to more injury to those who are wounded emotionally, psychologically and mentally. Poor listening is like adding salt to an injury in the case of the speaker. Even when you are not in a position to help the speaker, it is good habit to give hear and listens carefully to him or her. Listening can relieve the speaker of a burden he or she might be having.
There different types of listening. These include the following; informative listening, therapeutic listening, critical listening, rapport listening, appreciative listening, sympathetic listening, biased listening, evaluative listening, attentive listening, causal listening, relationship listening, dialogic listening, full listening, high integrity listening, false listening, deep listening, initial listening, reflective listening, judgmental listening, inactive listening, partial listening, comprehensive listening, total listening, whole person listening, discriminative listening, empathic listening and content listening. In my case I will be looking on empathic listening, also known as reflective listening or…

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