Hrm: Identify a Specific Human Resource Management Issue in Your Organisation and Develop a Proposal to Address It.

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Telone, formerly known as PTC is the pioneering and largest telecommunication company in Zimbabwe. Through the PTC Act it had been enjoying a monopoly until this was successfully challenged in Dec 1995[1] by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. The government of Zimbabwe then opened up the industry by licensing three mobile telecommunication networks namely Net One, Econet and Telecel.

Since inception in the early 1900s, Telone has been training all its telecoms engineers at the Telone training centre facility. Immediately after training the engineers would be deployed to man the various telecom exchanges throughout the country. With the massive investment in telecoms industry in the early 90’s, Telone was training on average 90
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Through the recruitment process the aim is to attract suitable candidates. Recruitment is described as, “the process of seeking & attracting a pool of people from which qualified candidates for job vacancies can be chosen.” (Byers & Rue)

In recruitment sources should match the position to be filled. With the advent of the internet, many companies have seen online recruitment as viable and have been forced to revisit past recruiting practices.

The selection process will involve choosing the person best suited for a given job from a pool of candidates, resulting from the recruitment process. An attempt is done here to get a “fit” between what the applicant can and wants to do, and what the organization needs (knowledge, skills, and abilities). A good “ Placement” will be done when the right person if fitted to the right job.

The following table gives examples of what the person and company will offer and expect from each other for there to be a good fit.

Person-Organisation Fit:

|Individual |Organisation
|Goals |Objectives and strategies |
|Values |Values |
|Interests |Culture |

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