Human Resources Pros And Cons

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Human resources has changed drastically over the last decade. In today’s world Human Resources is a portal not a person. Everything is through web based applications. This changes a lot of how human resources management functions. Since human resources is merging into technology based professional organization. Human resource professionals have had to adapt to some changes. Some of these changes are having to compete more effectively for global talent, reduce human resource administration and compliance costs and, enable human resource to transform so it can play a more efficient role in business. I felt these changes are the most challenging.
The new term E-HR is the transformation of human resources service delivery using web-based technology.
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The advantages are providing a great ease of integrating data from multiple human resource functions. It also reduces complicatedness of vendor management. It can also be less costly per application to implement than Best of Breed solutions. These are all great pros and could potentially be the best software but, there are some disadvantages. The disadvantages are they slip on offering the best solutions for certain functions. These can cause challenges when trying to get the proper and most efficient solutions. Integrated solutions is hard to upgrade, it is difficult because a change to one function can cause an ineffective …show more content…
Being able to link employee performance development onto a database is amazing. E-performance will show what the management wants. It also shows how employees can improve or simply just to tell them keep up the good work. The text states there are a few pitfalls but, I still believe the tool is useful. I feel e-learning is not one of the best tools. In my opinion there is nothing better than hands on training and visional learning. Plus the cost of this technology is very expensive. The text states that e-learning can reduce training cost and, increase employee flexibility. I still feel hands on training is more effective for what I want to do in my

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