Payroll Management System: An Analysis Of The HR System

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Register to read the introduction… There are four groups of users. The first group is the executive users, who need to evaluate reports generated by the system to make business decisions. The second group is the HR employees who are responsible for using the system to manage the data collected and perform the processes needed including payroll and time period records as well as other functions. The third group is the middle managers who use the system to record data regarding the employees in their respective departments. The final group is the employees who use the system to submit time records as well as access their personnel information and company policies and other information. In order to evaluate the system effectively; adequate representation of each group in the process is …show more content…
Increased stability equates to increased security. A HR system contains sensitive data that demands increased protection. State of the art features increase the usability of the system and reduce the work force hours which in turn increases employee productivity. Additional features such as tracking employee’s professional development hours aid department management in their supervisory roles. Performing payroll processing becomes effortless and efficiently accomplished. Retention of time records does not require archiving. Employees can access payroll information from the HR site. The increased functionality in direct deposits of payroll results in a saving of time and money with fewer checks to issue. Replication of data from one application to another eliminates the possibility of human error. Increased processing speed creates reports in seconds allowing executive management to access information instantaneously. Allowing managers to complete evaluations through the system enhance tracking employee productivity. Implementing additional applications allow the centralized database to receive data from each plant simultaneously. This further increases the ease of running

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