Why Is Human Resource Management So Important For Organizational Effectiveness?

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An organization cannot function as a cohesive unit without a good Human Resources element The jey functions of HRM which will be discussed here such as employee recruiting, selection and development, Equal Employment Opportunity, Employee and Labor relations etc and their beneficial effects of these functions are discussed here
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Early in the 1980’s, a radical new concept was introduced to the world of business and subsequently was dubbed “Human Resource Management.” What exactly is Human Resource Management and why is it so important for organizational effectiveness? Human Resource Management (HRM) is the calculated and reasoned method of managing an organizations most valued assets- its employees. “Human resource management (HRM) is the
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It also briefly described why one aspect of HRM was more important than the others and provided justification as to why such a bold claim was made. Companies today will suffer from serious organizational problems if there isn’t a proper HRM set up established within the organization. This is a major reason why companies today are putting forth a lot of effort and energy into establishing a strong and effective HRM element within their organization to handle any and all issues which may arise while simultaneously developing their most valued asset- its

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