Essay on Hrm 420 (Human Resource Risk Management) Complete Course

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Week 1 Individual Assignment Paper Human Resource (Appendix A)

Resources: Appendix A, the Internet, and helpful Web sites:
Research several different HR risk management seminars

Summarize at least five different seminars (these may be presented by the same company). Identify the HR risks the seminar features. Create at least three questions per risk
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How do employment practice compliance systems (EPCS) help businesses stay compliant?identify at least two areas in your current employment where an EPCS is used, or could be used, effectively.

How does your current employer differentiate between legal liabilities, ethical liabilities, and industry standard (which may be neither legal nor ethical)?Provide at least two examples of each.Do you agree with these practices? Why or why not?

List five employer responsibilities and five employee rights.Explain how both are a necessary component in a risk management strategy.

Week 2 Quiz

As diversity in the workplace increases, employment discrimination has decreased because workers have higher comfort levels in interacting with a wide variety of people -
2. The United States is one of the few nations that has laws forbidding discrimination in the workplace.

3. A legal defense against a charge of employment discrimination is lack of intent to discriminate.

4. The burden of proof shifts to the employer once the court rules that a prima facie case of discrimination has been made by the plaintiff.

5. The intent of affirmative action is to make up for historical discrimination.

6. Executive orders have typically been used by

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