Mesiniaga Case Study

Mesiniaga (2015) was established by the late Ismail Sulaiman in 1981 in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. The company was started from selling IBM office products and has now evolved into multi-platform IT solution provider with RM60.4million. As of today, Mesiniaga has around 900 employees, which including 70% are male and remaining 30% are female employees. As the technology has changed rapidly. Therefore, every IT company is required to look out the solution that can provide a competitive advantage over its competitors and help customers to achieve their business objective via technology experience.
Harvard Business School had brought one of the most well-known HRM model, The Harvard model, which emphasised employee as resources. According to Beer
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Companies are able to produce a human resource advantage via recruiting and retaining excellent employees by capturing their human talent, latent with productive capabilities (Kay, 1993). In contrast to traditional HRM, Strategic HRM pays more attention on corporate level in order to achieve corporate goals by following corporate strategy implementation, which focus on construction of structure and culture. According to Soderlund and Bredin (2006), HRM activities treat as a factor for corporate to seek for its competitive advantages. Therefore, Wright and Boswell (2002) stated the importance of constructing the HRM system in a systematic way. The improvement of individual roles is important and needed for achieving corporate goals. Thus, the change of job description is needed in order to align with strategy implementation plan (Flamholtz & Randle, 2007).
An effective recruitment and selection is based on criteria of defined target, and those criteria are based on job analysis (Wilf, n.d.). Therefore, the future planning of HR can be simple with the help of job analysis, which provides the necessary data for the recruitment and selection process. Recruitment is to attract a suitable candidate who has appropriate qualifications to the position. On the other hand, selection is the process of choosing suitable candidate from a group of applicants best
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Advertisement need to take place in order to attract candidate. Generally, it is common to advertise internally and externally as applicants can be from internal or external sources. Internal recruitment is a strategy which to promote existing employee within a company in order to fulfil the position. The company uses intranet posts, email and a notice board to advertise the position. The internal recruitment strategy helps to provide strong motivation within the company and reduce the time required for employee training. Existing employees are familiar with the company’s culture and compliance policy, thus, employees can start training in specific job once changed role. On the other hand, external recruitment is a strategy, which human resource department will search the resource pools from outside of its company. Advertisement methods such as posting in newspapers, job fairs, job search websites and head hunter agency company will be used in order to attract the suitable candidates from external. Unlike internal recruitment, employee from external sources will bring new ideas to the company as the external source would bring information and experience from their previous company and integrated it as best practice in existing

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