Hr a Short Briefing for New Hr Colleagues to Help Them Perform Effectively and Efficiently in Their Roles.

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What is expected from you as a HR Professional
As a HR Professional, you are expected to exhibit certain behaviours and demonstrate certain activities which can be defined within bands of professional competence.
HR Professionals must understand the business and culture for which they serve and the HR strategy must be aligned to this.
As shown in the map above, there are ten professional areas in which as a HR Professional you should strive to demonstrate the highest achievable level of competence. As a new member of the HR Team at YWP, we expect you to support the improvement of HR processes and policies. This includes continuously looking at
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Use of a development plan and record will go some way to help you achieve this. However you must also be open to feedback from others and undergo frequent self evaluation in order to identify development areas and review set objectives. By undertaking this not only will you develop as a HR Professional but you will also add value to the organisation for which you serve.
Effective management of a team or group requires effective leadership. Management and leadership can exist independently from one another however to be fully effective must co-exist. Leadership is something which must be worked towards and is not inherited automatically with the assignment of a managerial task or role. How you manage your team will ultimately determine how you are perceived as a leader in that team. (Selden, 2010)

Effective delegation, motivation, development, communication, discipline and conflict management are all aspects of team management and how you manage these aspects will have a direct influence on the dynamics and success of your team’s outcomes. Managing upwards is an important aspect of a successful HR Professionals’ management strategy. It is essential to ascertain the key factors which your manager expects you to deliver, how they expect you to deliver them and to what standard. Analyse what is expected from you by your line

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