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By: Elemo Yousouf

1. One career in the field of Exercise Science is a physiotherapist. This job mainly focuses of the treatment of injury and diseases. They are health professionals that aid people with injuries and disabilities to offer guidance to help them with mobility and ensure them a longer lifespan. Some key roles Physiotherapist can give their patients are promoting optimal mobility and overall health and wellness, rehabilitating injury and improving and maintain physical performance.

2. One Ontario post-secondary school that offer a chance to pursue a career in physiotherapy is the Kinesiology and health science program at York University. The other post-secondary school that offers a program in
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To obtain your master degree you must have undergone courses in pathology, anatomy, biomechanics and physiology. You must also have completed 1000 clinical hours of hands on training involving lab work. When it is all done a physiotherapist would need about 6-7 years after high school. There are no internship opportunities given in this program.
5. An ordinary salary for a working physiotherapist in Canada would range from 70,000 to 80,000 dollars. Wages vary in different provinces but if a person is working in Toronto Ontario they would see an average salary of $37.91 an hour with a high salary being $41.52 and a low wage of 26.55. Wages and salary can increase only depending on seniority.
6. Physiotherapists can work in a wide variety of area spaces. They can choose to work in private or public clinics throughout home care services. They can be also found in rehabilitation and retirement centres aiding elders or disabled individuals back to health. Lastly if a patient is acquired surgery at a hospital chances are that a physiotherapist would be there to aid the person after the procedure.

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