How To Write An Autobiography Essay

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I was born on July 5, 2000, my birth mother decided to put my up for adoption. About two to three weeks later I was adopted by a 40 year old woman, Nanette and her similarly aged husband, Robert. From what my parents tell me about when I was younger was that I was a quiet, well behaved kid, but when I saw someone my age I would become friend with them right away.

Some of my earliest memories I can recall are in preschool. The things I remember are just small clips of what the actual events really were. I remember writing my name for the first time, I was awful at writing the “k” in my name. My four year old self loved the teachers at the school, looking back at it my memory of them was how kind they were to the kids there. Preschool only
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They all moved on from me and had their own friend groups so I was left to wonder around alone, popping in and out of groups making small conversation then leaving, because I was able to see I wasn’t wanted there. I didn’t really like my core teacher for that year, and I was able to see that he didn’t really like me all that much. My grades dropped compared to my previous years in elementary school, I didn’t understand the material they were trying to teach to me. I barely made it through the first year of middle school, the second year I went onto an online school called “Delta Charter Online.” I started out fantastic I enjoyed the fact that I was able to go at my own pace. This soon all changed about 3 weeks in when I began to get lonely. This is the year that I wish I could forget but despite by best effort, I cannot. My mother knew of my loneliness and tried to comfort me, my pride decided to act for me, and push her out along with a majority of my family. In this time that I met a guy named enzo and a few of his friends online. we played video games together. We had good times but he noticed my temper a bit. 3 weeks into me being along in my room I noticed what I was doing, not letting anyone in wasn’t healthy and I knew it. I’m a relatively smart person with some good grades in my classes, so I went to go hang out with my family. My attitude wasn’t what many …show more content…
Everyone was taller than I expected, I guess I was as short as the freshmen in my sophomore year. As a freshman I had to figure out where each of my classes were, this wasn’t very hard because it was a small school and I had been to the high school side before in my 8th grade year. So it wasn’t an overwhelming experience for me. Many of my friends from the previous year have now gone to the high school that I went to. My classes were leadership, biology, english, Geometry, AG science, art, and PE. I liked all my teachers they were pretty cool to talk to. I met a guy named Preston Mizer, we both felt like we knew each other but we didn’t go to the same elementary or middle school. To this day we do not know where we met. We hung out in leadership and art, he was really good at talking to people, and well I was good at listening to people.

In my leadership class we would make posters talking about upcoming events like a volleyball game was next Tuesday in the event center. Planning rallies was also our job, songs, games, and who was in the dragon suit was up to us. The teacher was Mr. Niemi he is also the “athletic director.” In this class I would hang out with Preston, and a few of his friends that he introduced to me and a few that I knew. The ones that I knew were, Preston, and Anthony. There were a few that I had to get acquainted, they were Mckenzie, Stevee,

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