What Is The Best Way To Start Your Life Essay

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Life loves to throw problems and troubles at you waiting to see if your going to learn and get up from your mistakes. Even when life decides to throw things at you my saying is if you fall down just get right back up but even stronger than you were before. Life can be rough and have lots of bumpy roads in it but if you put your mind to it you can do anything.
Sometimes the way you come into life and start life is not the best way to start but this is a test to see if you 're strong enough to overcome these problems. I started off life being born into a motel room with my birth mother high on drugs and very much drunk from too much alcohol. When I was born my birth mother was passed out for about 3-4 hours before she had sobered up enough to realize that I had been born. Once she had
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At the hospital they pokes and prouded at me “ So I was told at least by my Mum” and realized I have a Fetal Alcohol syndrome. After I was old enough to be taken away from this horrid situation I was put into foster care for about 4 months. When I was about 4 years I believe My “Mum” told me many stories of what happened when I was a baby, she also showed me some old pictures and videos of my birth family. I know they existed and thought about how I was the lucky one that got to create a new start with my new family. Why did I get this lucky,when the rest of my brothers and sister had to stay their and deal with this very bad situations? Doctors and other people said, because of this major event that I might be unstable and or possibly insane when I got older or have a lot of medical problems. I never chose this path for myself my birth family made this choice for me. Know I 'm on this path but the true question is am going to stay on this path that my birth mother created for me or am I going to

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