How To Play Football Persuasive Essay

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All around the nation kids and parents anticipate the beginning of fall, because, for them, this is the start of football season. Kids of all ages have the opportunity to put on pads and play this contact sport- but should they? For years parents have allowed their kids to play football without truly considering the side effects that come along with it. When one considers all the potential dangers of football, it becomes evident that parents should not allow children to participate in this sport.
The basis of football entails danger in almost every aspect. One of the core principles of this sport is to use your body to stop and bring down the ball carrier- also known as tackling. Tackling can be done in a number of ways, including the hard knock-out hits as well as the slow paced wrap-ups. Either way, players face potential danger during every single play. These hard and intense impacts have a possibility of causing injuries to those who are involved. Do we really want to put our kids through hundreds of direct
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This is probably the most notorious threat in the sport because it is being popularized in the media as well as in the sport itself. New rules have been passed in the sport which tries to reduce the risk of concussions. For example, after a hard hit, players in the National Football League (NFL) are required to be taken out of the game and be evaluated. These new regulations have good intentions behind them, but the fact remains that they still do virtually nothing. In 2015, diagnosed concussions in the NFL rose by 32 percent despite concussion protocol (Seifert 1). The bottom line is that not a lot can be done to allow people to play tackle football without risk of concussions. Concussions are very dangerous if they go undiagnosed, but the good news is that they are recoverable if they are treated correctly. However, the same cannot be said about chronic traumatic encephalopathy

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