How To Optimise Clinical Feedback

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The methods I could use to optimise clinical feedback experience
I find this a very useful way of establishing a feedback routine with a preceptee, because it can be given during or immediately after a performance of each specific task(2). When offered at the time of an act or shortly after(1,8,10), a learner can still recall the incident, therefore validating the reason for feedback. Burgess and Mellis have stated that feedback has the greatest impact on students’ behaviour when it is based on a specific task(21). Branch and Paranjape explained that while it is utilised regularly, the students may not realise that a teacher is giving an informal feedback(2); therefore it is important to indicate when the teacher is about to suggest or comment on a behaviour(2). Clynes and Raftery cited that a teacher may risk highlighting only the negative behaviour, and can be interpreted as fault-finding(7). For this reason, it is important to reinforce positive behaviour while
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The first and third comments can be stated immediately after the task, while the second has to be done during the task for health and safety consideration. The combination of three comments is an example of feedback sandwich. To initiate reflective feedback I have set a session at the end of the day to give enough time for reflective guidance. During the session, I have asked the student to recall and describe the situation, what she did, what I did and how did patient respond. I have guided her to reflect on the second indirect comment, to analyse the situation, and identify the risk; I further asked what can she do to prevent the risks and what can she do otherwise. From the discussion, she summarised what she has learned and what she plans to do for improvement. Lastly, we agreed on her plan of action. To conclude the discussion, we have written a summary of feedback for our records and for future assessment and

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