How To Follow A Commitment Essay

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The decisions to interpret and to achieve are very difficult to some people. Having to plan a schedule and staying on it will also be another issue for a person to follow up on. Some people do have the ability to keep themselves organized, and others don’t. The factors of following a commitment is staying healthy, to be organized, and to succeed in classes.

The issue of maintaining a healthy body weight, and trying to focus on what to do. My first issue about myself is keeping me in shape. I have chosen this commitment for me to just improve on my confidence, going to the gym is what built my confidence. In the early stages of being a teenager, I was really uncomfortable about how I looked all the time. So having this commitment, I stayed
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I put this one down with the others because I sometimes do have a hard time understanding something in one of my classes. In math, I struggle with it at times but I don’t just show up and expect to learn something just by sitting there. I listen to every lecture my instructor says about any chapter were learning. I ask questions and try to get comfortable with asking questions. My other class is communications. I just really have a tough time in that class because it’s a course for people to get comfortable with speaking in front of people. I have no problem doing it with people I know but if it’s like a class full of unfamiliar faces I will kind of think to myself that I can’t really so anything because of what I might happen if I do try say something and then someone might get offended. That is my worst fear in the communications class. To myself of how to succeed in these two classes is first for math is to just pay attention and listen to the instructor. Ask questions if I do not understand a problem or a question. My communications class, I have to just beware of my surroundings. Change my attitude a little and change it up just a little. I actually am succeeding in the class but it’s just the speaking in front of the class is the issue I cannot …show more content…
I will change my attitude and do thing differently like be organized all the time, have things that will remind me that things are due by this date or that date. Make sure I did everything as told to be. Keep on going with going to the gym once in a while and just watch what I eat and don’t overdo it, have different actions in both of my classes I tend to struggle with. In all together, I believe I can do all of it. Change myself for a better person. For me to do that I might have to make better decisions on what will have me distracted. A better mindset on success. That’s what I will do differently next

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