Essay about How The Store Is Organized Play A Big Role

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There are several steps that every worker at store X is required to know, those include approaching and welcoming customers as soon as they enter the store, showing product knowledge, offering add- on such as wallets to match with the handbags and so on. However, the two most important steps are making sure customers are been look after and the aesthetics of the store. The design and the way the store is organized play a big role in the decision making of a customer to enter the store. It is known that aesthetics elements have influence in increasing the rate of customers purchase (Healy 2007, p. 754). A well-designed and organized store can communicate with customers thru visual cause by creating an environment that makes the products look appealing it allows customers to infer product quality and make consumption decisions (Healy 2007, p. 754). When a customer has little product knowledge, they often relay on the store appearance to define its product quality. The store manager always reminded us about making sure that the store looks presentable. Especially on the days of store re organization, we would be reminded to place all the handbags into symmetrical order and color matching. Color was very important as mixing the wrong colors could make the store look messy and not appealing to buyers. The selection of the right colors would not only make the store look organized and appealing but it also creates a good impression of its product quality. Our manager constantly…

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