How The Internet Can Be Used For Education Purposes Essay

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Don’t we all wonder what the real purpose of the internet is? What is even the internet? Well, according to the dictionary, the internet is defined as a vast computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide. The internet can be used for many different reasons, but it’s true purpose is education. Yes, you did hear that right. The main purpose for the internet is for it to be used for education purposes. The internet has become an immense part of a student’s everyday life, whether it’s using the internet during class or at home to complete assignments.
Many families have internet access since their kids use it for most of their school work. Computers were introduced in classrooms in the early 1980s. Since the year of 1996 there has been an aggressive national campaign to introduce computers and the internet to schools. Later that same year the Telecommunications Act was passed, creating the E-rated program. This program helped schools by providing discounts that ranged from 20% to 90% to purchase internet access for the school and the library. The discount would depend on the number of poor children in each district. About 98% of American public schools now have some type of internet access for their students to use. The internet helps students in many ways. Students use the internet for their school research, school projects, to download study aids, etc.
The internet has become a part of our everyday life, especially when it comes to education. Since the…

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