Importance Of The World Wide Web Essay

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The World Wide Web’s sole purpose was to be a source of information for researchers and scientists, Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented it to eradicate difficulty in sharing information. As the Web began to grow, the World Wide Web Foundation and Sir Tim realised that it is better if everyone had access to the internet and could use it for free without asking for permission or paying a fee. They also aimed to deliver better digital equality and to change the government and business policies for the greater good as well.
The Web had a huge influence in achieving better education offering access to a wealth of information on various topics of knowledge for the use of students, educators, researchers, and the likes. Through the years, the Web evolved into something innovating, an aid which came to be one of the greatest supplements in learning.
With the invention of the World Wide Web, learning has become much easier and research can be properly validated as information is already available at the simple click of a button, all a person needs is a device that has access to the internet. With the abundance of information on the internet, it is more convenient to do research online than browsing for or purchasing physical media such as encyclopedias that provide the same data on specific topics.
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These information consists of published literature, references, and articles that prove to be invaluable to both students and educators. By enabling instant access to these massive collections of data, the World Wide Web has the potential to change many aspects of education. Timely information on environmental issues, political issues, and other rapidly developing subject matters on both local and global levels can contribute opportunities for both students and teachers to not only benefit from them but to explore their interests independently as

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