The Importance Of The World Wide Web

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The World Wide Web is fairly intricate. The World Wide Web was first invented in 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee, at first “he fashioned a kind of “hypertext” notebook. Words in a document could be linked to other files on Berners-Lee’s computer” (128) Berner-Lee’s mind grow and he decide to try and take his finding to the next level by linking other computers to his thus came Hypertext Markup Language (128). Berner-Lee was very intelligent with his invention because he even formed rules for the World Wide Web more commonly known as Hypertext Transfer Protocol (128). Hypertext Transfer Protocol (H.T.T.P) was a major breakthrough for it is the request-response protocol that would allow a client to access an application or a server such as a web page. …show more content…
Nowadays, emails can hold pictures, spreadsheets and, documents as opposed to emails originally just being text. Popular databases like Google and, Bing are overflowing with information. The World Wide Web holds diverse forms of information. For example, if a person would not like to read about something but rather watch or listen to the information that person could obtain that goal through video-sharing websites such as YouTube. However, most of the learning that is done on the World Wide Web is informal learning. Developments of the Internet have allowed formal learning to be practiced too with applications such as The World Wide Web has had a massive “impact on informal learning because it provides opportunities for people to learn anywhere, anytime and from anyone. Innovations of Web technology expand learning and education beyond the formal structures of schooling institutions.” (Song …show more content…
Money can still be used to purchase things such as but not limited to, memberships, databases, video games, and e-books. The World Wide Web is free of charge but if used correctly can generate income. For example, if a person designed a billboard next to a busy intersection their sign would most likely be seen. Likewise, if a company designed an advertisement on a popular web page it would most likely be seen but at a cost to the company. Berner-Lee is not the richest man in the world because of his generosity to let the web be at no cost. Nonetheless, Berner-Lee paved the way for many great technological advancements and also achieved major technological

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