Role Of Internet In Modern Education

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One of the first challenges scientists faced in building the modern society was the unavailability of a convenient, reliable, and cheap method of communication - a dream window through which one could see and talk to the whole world. When the first computer was invented, no one could have known that this amazing device would be the basic need of life for humans in the near future. In the modern era, a person without access to a computer or the Internet is as good as an alien- with whom we can’t communicate as fast as we can to normal people.
Thinking of lifestyle about a hundred years ago, world might have been a mystery to most of the people. Communication was possible only through letters or telephone calls and other similar ways; however,
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Since everyone can connect to the internet using his or her personal devices, digitalization is being applied to every field – whether it be education, health care, business, or research. The process of education has entirely changed from what it was about five decades ago. Having access to the internet is a requirement for college and school students; which in fact, clearly explains the important role played by internet in the modern education. There is also great advancement in the process of research as researchers can easily review the results of mostly every type of research conducted around the world. This leads to a wider view of the topic under research, which in turn provides the opportunity of generating newer ideas. This huge increase in the dimensions of education and research has opened the doors to a much faster way of advancement in existing technologies. Thus, the world is changing more rapidly and for the …show more content…
This has resulted in increasing the general knowledge of common people. In fact, there is an inevitable increase in awareness about current issues and problems of the world. It has united the whole world to fight against common problems and social evils such as terrorism, environmental pollution, illiteracy, etc. In addition to the social benefits of personalization of computers, the economic world is also transformed with the introduction of e-commerce and e-business. These terms refer to the practices of performing business deals, bank transactions, shopping, and other money related matters, which are completed over the Internet. The development of these kind of online businesses has reduced human effort and made business easier for the consumers as well as the service providers. It has also increased the employment opportunities by establishing a whole new industry with vast variety of jobs. Software developers, computer analysts, and hardware engineers constitute one of the top jobs in technology-oriented society. The globalization of the computers has increased man’s efficiency to solve problems. A major contribution of computers is in enhancing the health care facilities, which increased life expectancy significantly. Doctors and health care providers use a variety of computers to diagnose and analyze the patient’s metabolism, which helps to treat the diseases

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