Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Internet Essay

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Disadvantages of Using Internet

Avoid no face to face communication. Students are active in online chatting. The disadvantage of this no face to face communication is that when students are used to communicate with their classmate on online chatting and they enjoy talking with each other, but in reality, when they face to face communication, it seems awkward for them because it seems they were just close in online chatting but in reality when they meet it is like they do not know each other (Tamia, 2013).

Avoid copy paste information. When students have homework, most of the time they will search for information and then copy paste it. Students must not get used to it because it is plagiarism if they did not cite sources. Students who
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The internet can be harmful to students. Numerous students talk to random people. Online predators are seeking students who are willing to give their own personal information. Giving personal information to other people who they did not know very well is very dangerous because sometimes, they will hack your account or students might get involved in pornography and gambling (bridgetrbcs, 2009). The internet does not have a proper supervision, students can accidentally log on or visit at sites that are age restricted which students should not visit the site (dswain001, …show more content…
There are several types of advantages and disadvantages of using internet. Advantages of internet might help students to become aware of how they should use the internet in a proper way not simply log in directly and post something what they want. If students do not know how to use the internet properly, they may encounter many disadvantages of using the internet that might cause some problems for them which is not helpful. Students must know their limits. They should take care of themselves using the internet and parents should on their side because it is better for students to be guarded when using it.

In conclusion, internet can help students to improve them in their academics if students know how to use the internet properly. Somehow, if people think about internet nowadays, they will think it is not a safe place because of some issues, but if they think about internet for helping students to improve their academics and skills, they can tell that internet can benefit from the students even though students might encounter some disadvantages. Students must monitor the websites they want to visit so that they may lead into an appropriate

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