How The Changes And How Does It Affect Your Brand Building More Relationships?

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When Facebook rolled out their newest News Feed algorithm in April 2015, there were shouts of impending doom. Fatalists likened the changes to the onset of seven-year plagues and all-out-nuclear-war reaching every corner of the globe. While some brand pages did see their reach shrink while their marketing budget expanded, the new algorithm hasn 't had cataclysmic effects across the board. In fact, those businesses who approached the change as a way to improve Page creative may have actually seen their brand building more relationships.

If you 're still not up-to-date on the changes and how they affect branding, here is a short run down of the advantages and disadvantages of the new rules.

What Changed & Why

#1 Distribution

Before the algorithm change, businesses who played by the rules, volume posting and building an army of followers with contests and promotions, enjoyed a wide reach and generous organic search distribution. The new algorithm sharply altered the organic distribution (dropping exposure from roughly 16% of all users to about 3%), making it necessary to invest in paid advertising to reach a broad audience to generate quality leads and more followers.

Why the shift? Facebook asked for user feedback and learned subscribers were getting bored with irrelevant content from Pages they "liked" blowing up the News Feed and getting an alert every time a friend of a friend liked a new business page or creative content. According to an announcement about…

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