The Importance Of Intigy On Social Media

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If you hadn’t already realized, Instagram has been steadily gaining social momentum, big time. Facebook’s earlier acquisition of Instagram was certainly a smart move, now 400 Million monthly users strong- that’s 50 Million more than Twitter! It’s fair to say that this heavily image-focused social media platform is emerging as the next frontier for social media marketing.

One of the greatest attractions to marketing t-shirts, apparel or almost any other product online, is the high levels of user engagement. In fact, the ease of engagement has actually outpaced all other major social networks, including Facebook and Pinterest! Online exposure is great and all, but engagement is far more valuable for business growth and quality leads.

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To get this right, you would have to very carefully select influencers based on their audiences and hope you can negotiate reasonable rates. Having a big name user could potentially give your brand a bump and a little cool factor, yet there is no guarantee this will be a profitable endeavor. What’s more, they were often expensive, required searching and negotiating and provided virtually no accountability on results!
Influencer outreach still has its place and IT may still be worth investigating. However, sponsored posts are a sure-fire way get going on Instagram for t-shirt sellers.
Facebook’s Advertising Platform – Wait, What?
One advantage of Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram is they have brought in their legendary advertising system. Facebook’s advertising platform is an absolute powerhouse of targeting options, customizability, and campaign monitoring stats. This enables you to carefully define your audience, design appealing ads and track results without giving yourself a headache!
One possibility we fear for the future if they decide to phase out posts appearing chronologically on news feeds, with a greater focus on displaying paid advertising. While this is not yet the case, it’s safe to say there will be growing emphasis on paid advertising across this channel with Facebook at the wheel!
Let’s Get Going - Choose Your
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Remember to keep in mind the end result you are trying to achieve. One point to note is that the list also includes objectives exclusive to Facebook. But luckily, a popup will let you know whether or not available for Instagram. You can hover your cursor over the option to see this.
If you’ve ever utilized the awesome conversion pixel feature from Facebook, you’ll be please to know they can also be applied Instagram ads. However, your conversion pixel only works with the “conversion” objectives, such as “Increase Conversion on your Website”.
The next thing to do is to create your Ad Set. This is where the different demographics and/or target audiences come in to play. You may choose to use any existing Customer Audiences that you are already using, or create a new one at this time.
You should consider your budgeting carefully, especially in the beginning. If you’re running your first campaign, start out small and scale up as you become more confident. Higher budgets will be very useful later on, but your first campaigns will be treated as highly

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