B2b Advertising Case Study

Can you believe that the B2B crowd is coming to Facebook advertising? In fact, the number is growing fast and leaving the B2C marketers behind. While Facebook was not considered as an effective tool for the B2B marketers, the B2C crowd treated Facebook as a necessity due to its ability to offer multitude of features - discounts, promote sales and retarget those buyers who left products in their shopping bags, etc.
Why Facebook advertising matters
In regard to advertising, B2B and B2B marketing professionals have different targets to achieve. The B2B marketers are responsible for -
• Knowledge boosting and awareness building about a product/service. They also develop buyer personas that push improved understanding level about the target audience.
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PR agencies vouch for Facebook advertising as it can come in handy to achieve these above-mentioned goals. In fact, Facebook for advertising is capable of much more. Wondering how it can help you? Here are some essential tips that will help a B2B marketer use this relevant social platform to its full potential.
• Boost reach beyond Facebook Page’s audience
Every B2B marketer should have their company’s Facebook page. It is the first step forward as it allows a marketer to build a connect with the followers quickly and share relevant content (online content, articles, news update). The problem with advertising on Facebook page is it restricted only to the people following you.

However, Facebook advertising, one can target all type of potential consumers. You don’t need to be connected to them. Depending on what a B2B marketer decides to pay for, the advertisements appear alongside the newsfeed or as sponsored content.

PR consulting agencies find Facebook advertising similar to Google Adwords. Since you already understand the needs of your target audience, Facebook advertising plays the role of a bridge and boosts the sales funnel.

• Leverage tailored audience
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If you have that email address available in your database, Facebook advertising can be leveraged to upload these email address and target them.

PR agencies are in favour of businesses using custom audience targeting approach to boost lead generation by using the campaigns tab. As the audiences are listed under campaigns at the bottom, just select the custom audience’s client list. This allows uploading of customised email addresses list.

• Targeting of the B2B work categories
Apart from allowing targeting of ads at people located near your geographical location, age and gender, Facebook advertising also allows a business to go after other key profile features. Targeting of prospects based on the job they have mentioned or a key life event is allowed on Facebook advertising. This allows an enterprise to reach out to completely new leads.

While creating ads, just go down to the More Demographics button. The menu display other relevant demographic-defining choices that will help to maximise the potential of the ads.

• Emphasis upon incentives and lead

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