How Technology Has Changed Our Lives Essay example

1627 Words Oct 29th, 2014 7 Pages
Seventy five years ago people would have never imagined that technology would become as advanced as it is today. They would have never guessed that one day they could communicate with people over text messages. Today’s iPhone is so advanced that it’s like having a computer in your hands. Imagine robots being able to function without the assistance of humans. It may seem farfetched but it could become a reality in today’s world. If that is shocking, then try to imagine working alongside a robot in an office. Others do not think computers actually contain knowledge of their own. Some scientists think computers have to follow a system for them to seem intelligent. Many people are scared of the thought of computers becoming more advance, while others are ready for the move in to the future with technology. Technology intelligence continues to be the center debate when talking of further implementing computers into people’s everyday lives. While some believe computers are being built more intelligent than before, others do not think computers contain intelligence at all. Humans create computers that help with our everyday problems in life. They are able to get us from one location to another at the fastest possible time. People are able to communicate with their loved ones without having to have a conversation using actual words. Computers are even able to have conversations with humans. Scientists know that computers hold a high amount of intelligence, but outsmarting humans…

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