Essay about How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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Imagine a world, where every time you physically look down you miss something interesting in front of you; One would try to go through life keeping their head up. However, our culture has been glued on looking down, but toward a phone. An anonymous quote states, “don 't look down and be depressed, look up and be blessed.” The world we live in is being wasted, little by little, from spending countless time on these devices. Technology has been exponentially improving since the start of the 21st century, from self cleaning windows to self driving cars, actions are becoming easier and effortless. Nonetheless, one invention that started back in 1973 has altered the life of humanity in today’s society, the first handheld mobile phone. Martin Cooper, an engineer at Motorola created this mobile phone and life has not been the same since. Today our phones work not just to call others, but as a miniature rapid running computer. In current American society, science is controlling our lives more and more each day. In particular, mobile phones have been excessively used and has negatively changed the way social interaction works today and work ethic. In order to solve this problem, phone companies should further their restrictions with what one can do on such devices.
This issue is spreading to all different countries and is ironically turning into a virus itself. “The adoption of Smartphones has been tremendous in mainstream consumer markets all over the world. Surveys show that…

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