Harm Reduction Model Of Addiction

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Drug addiction is often characterized as being a complex brain disease that causes compulsive, uncontrollable, drug craving, seeking and use without any regards to the consequences they may bring upon themselves, or society. If the brain is exposed to these large amounts of dopamine on the reward system, it will inevitably develop a tolerance to the current dopamine levels, which it is receiving, lessening the pleasure the user will experience

Addiction: Society’s Epidemic
Drugs are everywhere and everybody knows somebody who has used or uses drugs, whether the user is a friend, family member or a celebrity. Due to drugs being everywhere, that means so are the effects of drugs. The fastest growing problem in America today is the
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When applied to individuals who have addiction there is a focus on reducing negative consequences, and strives to increase health, social and economic recover as well. (NIH, 2008) While others believe abstinence is ideal, the harm reduction model wants people to understand that most individuals rarely achieve abstinence overnight and relapse could possibly occur while they are in treatment.
One form of the harm reduction model is methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) or also known as medicated assisted treatment (MAT) is a long-term treatment program used to treat opioid addiction (Kampman & Jarvis, 2015). MMT works by stopping withdrawal symptoms and cravings for opiate users. MMT is a cheaper, and possible more effective and a safer way to treat addiction for most, compared to in patient rehabs.
While MMT is one form of treatment, it is not for everyone. Some individuals fell that total abstinence and the 12-Steps work best for them. 12-Step meetings are safe places for the individuals to go and be around other individuals who have struggled with addiction. AA and NA are examples of 12-Step programs that strive for tolerance, understanding, acceptance and social support, where individuals can be honest and discuss any problem associated with them staying

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