Essay on How Sports Prepare You For Real World Situations

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How Sports Prepare You for Real World Situations

Playing sports as a high school student comes with positive and negative situations. Whatever the situation may be, learning from it is key. Participating in high school sports prepares you for the real world in multiple ways. Throughout high school, I have been involved in many different school activities including athletics. Sports are an important part of learning teamwork, time management, leadership as well as communication.

Teamwork is a skill that is learned by being around and working with other people. Teamwork is achieved when everyone on the team is working toward a common goal and each player learns how their performance impacts the rest of the team. Athletes must find their place on the team, whether it be a leader or a supporting role. Due to the fact that I have played on many different school and travel teams, this has helped me learn this skill. Teamwork is not being good at something individually, it’s being able to play together to be the best. I have been a part of many teams who individually, each player is really good, but when we play together, we don’t play well. As a freshman, I decided to play travel ball and was excited about the upcoming season. I knew some of the players from the previous year and knew they were good at their positions, so I felt like it would be a competitive season. We practiced hard and often, only to continually come home in the bottom of the bracket. As the season…

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