How Society Is An Important Factor Of Shaping Peoples View Of Themselves

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Molding Myself Society is an important factor in shaping peoples view of themselves. If we are accepted or not accepted into certain parts of society, this changes our way of living so we feel a sense of belonging. There are several agents of socialization in which impacts ones actions. Family is the primary agent, however in my opinion peers and social groups have a bigger impact on an individual then parents do in a lifetime. As the text mentions, "a peer group helps children and adolescents separate from their families and develop important sources of identity" (Brym et al. 107). Peers have had the most impact on me as an individual; thus, peers and social groups have affected me more so then my family, and have shaped me into the individual I am today. Having moved houses several times, I have not gained much of a relationship with my mother. A lot of myself was built over the friends, or lack of friends in which I have made within the several learning institutions I have attended. My mother has suffered to keep jobs causing her to move several times and not be present in much of my life, forcing me lead on my own. I was forced to look to peers as guidance, shaping me as the individual I am today. Relying on peers caused me to become very confused with my identity as I always felt the need to change in order to be accepted. I had not gained any norms from my family, therefore I had only the norms from my peers. Every time someone laughed at me for wearing my hair a…

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