Essay on How Ryanair Developed Multi Platform Digital Experiences

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1. How RyanAir developed multi-platform digital experiences
Since its establishment in 1984, RyanAir has grown to become Europe’s favorite airline with an impressive 1,800 daily flights from over 80 bases a connecting to more than 200 destinations in 33 countries. The company boats of having over 10,000 highly skilled aviation professionals keen on maintaining high performance and safety record. In 2015 the company year-end-aircraft fleet stood at slightly m 300, with a bulk of fleet being Boeing 737’s. One of the challenges the company and other airlines are facing is enhancing the researching and holiday booking experience online to make it more users friendly.

The booking process is usually fraught by hurdles, many of which can cause you to make serious mistake which cause you holiday or good time because the whole idea of navigating through a high number of options which all look the same is not easy. The other challenge airlines are grappling with is dealing with the high rate of online booking abandonment. Statistics indicate that slightly over 80% of travelers abandon online air travel booking due to a number of reasons including poor user experience, and window shopping. The matter is made even worse by the fact that less than 50% of all booking sites offer less desirable functionality that fall short of what holiday makers look for.

This unpleasant experience has a direct impact on the company revenues and level of customer satisfaction with the service. To…

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