Essay about How People Define Violence?

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How people define violence? Base on Jock Young, violence is difficult to define and measure becuase can vary by culture, race, age, gender and others. People sometimes blame other for their actions when they committing an act of violence. I agree with Jayne Mooney in her article Shadow values, shadow figueres: real violence. Mooney found out that in most of the cases of domestic violence offenders recognize their actions as the victim fault. Also, men that hit their wives or girlfriend justified their act of violence as way of show their masculinity. In this study Mooney use Sykes and Matza’s Techniques of Neutralization as a way to identify domestic violence. Sykes and Matza theory of Neutralization is about how people develop a district se of justifications for their unlawful behavior. “People have to look for justification when their do something wrong or out of the law, because their don’t want to feel bad of what they commit.” (Mooney, 160) Sometimes they claim that their unlawful act is not their fault. They have to learn how to act and fit to their environment. An example, mens that accepts that their hit their wives and girlfriends was because they deserve. Mens claim that was the victim 's fault. Sykes and Matza said that they should feel guilt or shame when their do something unlawful. Sykes and Matza have different techniques of neutralization. First, the Denial of Responsibility, people should know when they do something wrong. They have to respond of their…

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