How My Parents Treated Me As A Child Essay

1769 Words Dec 6th, 2016 8 Pages
When I think back on how my parents treated me as a child, I can honestly say our relationship started out with a secure attachment style. However, I feel the attachment style changed after my parents divorced when I was ten years old. The main reason I believe things changed is because my parents lived five hours away from each other. I started out by living with my father because my mother became addicted to drugs. Therefore, my mother became more Anxious-Avoidant. I always wanted her attention, even by phone call, but she would hardly ever answer the phone and I didn’t see her for three years. As I grew older I learned to suppress the need for attention, which caused me to only have one friend at a time. However, my father did his best to keep our relationship secure; therefore, I feel me and my husband-person I chose to improve- through time, have built a fairly strong and secure relationship. In the beginning of our relationship, I was very quiet and kept my feelings to myself, I never wanted to make him upset even if it meant I would remain upset. However, I wasn’t distant with my husband, I just acted like everything was always okay. Thinking back on how my husband and I were seven years ago, helped me realize just how much my childhood played an effect on the way I am as an adult. In addition, my husband has stood by my side and helped me realize I can trust him and that it 's okay to tell him how I feel. Now I need to work on letting the small stuff go; I think I am…

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