How Media Can Negatively Effect Your Person Essays

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In this article the author talks about how they slowly stopped using social media. How after cutting it out of their life they had more time for the gym and the more time they spent off-line, the more in-life opportunities came their way. The author then discussed three items or topics that support the idea of how media can negatively effect your persons. Henderson talks about how it can affect your self-esteem from negative comments or not enough likes. Also, how it can affect your blood pressure from the stress of missing out or stressing about how many likes or comments a picture or post may or may not get. Finally, even though it is a “social” site, it does not equate to actual face to face social interaction.
My source is They are one of the leading authorities in the social and financial articles. is a very lofty and reputable and has a large following of consumers. They not only have web articles, but there is also a magazine publication. The volume of research that goes into any Forbes finding or publication is high, including audit and verification both by in-house and external experts, technocrats, top industry players and credible institutions. The combined research and verification techniques that go into each article makes a source than can be utilized and enjoyed by a wide range of audiences.
With this source I will be pointing out the specifics on how it raises the blood pressure from stress and what it physically can do to…

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