Essay On Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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Is one aware that social media and texting has many benefits and conflicts? Many teens think social media and texting is an everyday experience, but they do not understand the consequences that follow. Many teen's in today's world are getting hurt by social media, physically and mentally. Depression rates are going up due to cyberbullying, family problems, and even school shootings. Although Social media and texting can hurt, they can also have many benefits. Some benefits social media and texting have are that it can spread important news quickly, people can make new friends, and it can increase businesses. Cyberbullying, Relationship problems, and even college admission has affected the lives of today's teens due to social media and texting.
Primarily, teenagers are more open to be cyberbullied and
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While teenagers grow up and go to school, they begin to make social media accounts and some even post inappropriate things, unaware of how much it will cost them later in life. " An Kaplan test survey found out that about 35% of college admissions officers check the applicant's status on social media to find out more about the applicant". (" What you say online could haunt you" Janet Kornblum and Mary Beth Marklein). Also, another survey showed that " about 42% of college admission officers found some harmful information that could harm the applicants chances."(" Kaplan test prep survey: percentage of college admissions officers who visit applicant's social media networking pages continues to grow-but most students shrug" Kaplan test prep)
Even though social media and texting can be bad for the population, there are a lot of benefits. It is true that social media and texting is dangerous, however it allows people to communicate fast during an emergency. Obviously social media and texting can cause academic issues, on the contrary it can allow academic research for students and

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