How Is Social Media Ruining Society

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Did you know that people are on there phone and use it more than expected. People are on social media and on their phones too much. Almost all teens are on social media these days. Everybody that has a smart phone is on it constantly. In the end I think that social media is ruining friendships and is ruining the world. More teens use social media then you probably expect. Did you know that teens use social media to much. Study shows that seventy-one percent of teens use Facebook,fifty-two percent use Instagram,and forty-one percent use Snapchat.A teen has an average of one hundred-fifty Instagram followers. Study shows that ninety-four percent of teens who have a smart phone use it daily. Most of a teens time is spent on social media or their phone in general. Every one in four teens say they are almost constantly online. In the end teens are on their phone and social media to much. …show more content…
Technology doesn’t let people spend enough time in person. A typical teen sends about two thousands text a month. Also a teen spends more than forty-four hours per week in front of there phone. Most teens spend their lives on Instagram or Facebook. Most communication is spent on there phone. Most of the time for a teen is spent either on their phone or social media. This shows that social media and technology is ruining the world. Do you think social media and technology is ruining the world? Technology is ruining our friendship because of social media and technology. To many teens are on social media. Teens spend more time on social media then in person with their families. People care about their phone more than others. People think it’s ok to walk down the street with their eyes on their phone. People think it’s ok to pull out their phone at any time. In the end technology and social media is ruining the

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