How Iphone Transformed America Essay

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How iPhone Transformed America While many first came to know about the Apple Corporation when the iPhone first debuted, Apple was incorporated on the first of April 1976. Steve Jobs, along with Steve Wozinak went on to form a company that makes the infamous iPhones today.
Apple 's iPhone has transformed the way Amercian culture communicates, how productive they can be and even their mental capacity, simply by changing the way American view cell phones.
The very first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007. Although the first iPhone was short lived, being discontinued in July of the following year, it changed smart phones and cell phones forever. The creation of the first iPhone merged three beneficial products into one, this smartphone was able to function as a telephone, an iPod and as the Internet (Kerris). This allowed iPhone users to not only talk on the telephone, text message and listen to music on the same device, but also use the web and email as they would on a computer. With the original iPhone having just those basic functions, Apple was able to make a breakthrough in the consumer smartphone market (Sarwer). However Apple did not stop at those basic features however, the iPhone had a 3.5-inch screen that was completely touch control. Ryan Block of Engadget said of the first iPhone
“To date no one 's made a phone that does so much with so little, and despite the numerous foible of the iPhones gesture-based touchscreen interface, the learning curve is…

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