Essay on How Informatics Has Changed Over The Past 20 Years

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Current Issues in Informatics Nursing informatics has changed over the past 20 years in ways that help improve distribution of care by assisting nurses with the use of information technology (Daniel, & Oyetunde, 2013). There is a necessary transformation that the healthcare system needs and nursing informatics will help drive the system to success (Hebda, & Czar, 2013). Technology is becoming a great part of one’s every day life as well as his or her professional life especially as a nurse. Technology is slowly increasing in a nurse’s routine and it will only increase as time goes by. This essay explains the influence informatics has in nursing, the changes informatics will have in health care, and the role of informatics for a nurse anesthetist.

Influence Informatics has in Nursing Nursing informatics aids in the decision making in settings and roles the nurses or other providers have (Daniel, & Oyetunde, 2013). There are many ways that informatics influence nursing. Some ways are through automated scheduling of staff, e-mail to help improve communication between departments, analysis for cost, creating new trends for to help with budgeting, and quality outcome and assurance analysis (Daniel, & Oyetunde, 2013). Using the new screen designs can help save the nurses time because the system is more efficient and easier to use and it creates less space for human error (Thede, 2012). Other ways are through computerized record keeping, assisted instruction, literature…

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