Health Coach Profession

I have recently enrolled in the bachelor program of health and wellness at Kaplan University. After years of finding my own health and wellness I wanted to learn how I could help others achieve what I had. I have a passion for helping educate and assisting others in finding a plan that will work for them so therefore they can see success in their life. By taking the class Introduction to Health and Science I have learned a great deal about this profession and am excited to learn more.
Overview of the Profession
A health and wellness coach is not a profession that you hear of too often but it is a growing one. According to the health and wellness institute the health coach profession is projected to grow 21 percent by 2022 (Why Now, 2016).
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They must be committed to educating and assisting others to change their lifestyle and teach them skills so therefore they are able to maintain a healthy life. It is a journey that will be difficult and trying at times but a health and wellness coach has to be committed to his or her clients. If they are not committed, then the client will therefore not be committed and will not see success. Health and wellness coaches all have to have a passion to want to help other change their lives around. I personally have had a life long struggle with trying to change my life around and to form health habits in my life. If it wasn’t for my health coach being passionate about helping me I am not sure where I would be today in my healthy journey. Also confidents are a must. Health and wellness coaches build up confidents in their clients. If their clients had the confidents to achieve their goals, then they wouldn’t need a coach in the first place. Most individuals who are living unhealthy life styles lack the confidents in themselves to change. Health and wellness coaches build those confidents up in them and teach them skills to help them achieve their goals. If the coach lacks confidents, then it will be much harder for their clients to gain confidents. In unit three after doing the personality profile activity I learned that my personality is the highest in social which is working with people and helping them to learn and grow (National Center, 2016). This fits in perfect with the personality traits of a health and wellness coach. My second highest was enterprising which is persuading and leading people which again fits perfect with a health and wellness coach (National Center, 2016). A health and wellness coach will help others to learn and grow and lead them to a healthier lifestyle. One area that I feel that I will have to work at is just having patients with my clients. Not all

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