How I Show Myself Online Essay

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How I show myself online With recent exploits of people using the internet, everyone must use more caution when sharing information about themselves. Even when I was younger and the internet had first come about, my parents integrated the “stranger danger” system when my sister and I were online. Even before chat rooms or web cams were around. We were told that people could still get to us if they wanted, and to be certain we could trust the information we were using. Despite having access to the internet for school research papers. We still went to the library more often.

Now with social media I am even more careful about what information gets on the internet. I use different technological methods to protect my information, as well as my brain. It only makes sense not to post your address on a social media site or public blog, right? I see people constantly posting their exact GPS coordinates on Facebook, and it makes me wonder if they ever think that if someone wanted to get to them they could with a great amount of ease. While there are security features with most social media, it is still an information highway on a signal just begging to be hacked. Signals can be hacked, therefore data can be accessed at any time. The UAV is a great example, yes it saves the lives of pilots when at war, but what is to stop a terrorist from hacking that drone’s signal and turning it against us? Putting yourself out on the plank as it were, will only make the strike come faster and…

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